Sun 31st, March 2019 1:50 PM - Posted by Anna

Hi everyone!
You may have noticed that Gurupets hasn't been updated in a while. I encourage you to continue to play with it and explore Gurutopia, but I'm taking a hiatus from developing the site. It's just me in charge of everything, from code to art to moderating, and I haven't had the time to work on it. Please enjoy the existing features! I hope someday to be able to continue work on Gurupets. It's my baby.

Ta ta for now,


Non-Flash Games

Mon 4th, June 2018 2:10 PM - Posted by Anna

Hi Everyone,
In an effort to make Gurupets more and accessible to everyone and to bring us into the modern age, I am phasing out Flash games. I hope to create some fun Flash-like games in the future as well as less dynamic games, like the one I just put up. In the new game, "Luck", you can win a random amount of gurupoints: up to 100,000! But you can only play once a day.
More games are coming soon!


Registration Devastation

Wed 30th, May 2018 4:44 PM - Posted by Anna

Hi all! Welcome to Gurupets.
For a couple of months, the Gurupets registration form has been broken in various ways. This has prevented all potential gurutopians from joining our lovely petsite. But today I've managed to fix registration, hopefully for the long haul. Thanks again to all of you who have come to visit, even for a short while. Every new user puts a smile on my face!



Fixing Things

Tue 7th, February 2017 1:32 PM - Posted by Anna

Dear Gurutopians,
It has come to my attention that there are many parts of the site that have not been working as they should (since the Great Overhaul). I have been slowly uncovering these issues and I hope to catch all of them, but I can't do it without your help! Unfortunately, one of the features that wasn't working was the contact form! But now that it's fixed I hope to receive all of your bug reports. As a final important note, the password reset is now functional.
Pompit Cookie
Sorry for the inconveniences!


New Layout!!

Sun 13th, November 2016 10:20 AM - Posted by Anna

Wow, something is definitely different here... That's right, Gurupets has a new layout! It feels like I was announcing the old layout only yesterday. Well it's time to bring Gurupets into the modern age! I hope everything is to your liking, and let me know if you catch any glitchy pages or if there's anything you want me to change.
Rainbow Cupcake
Enjoy! And have fun exploring


Under Construction...

Wed 9th, November 2016 4:18 AM - Posted by Anna

Hi everyone!
Gurupets is in need of a major overhaul, and in the process of doing this, the site may go down at different times and you may experience some bugs. Don't be concerned! By the end of this renovation, Gurupets will be back to normal, and much nicer for me to work with. That means I'll be more likely to create new features!
Golden Poo
So enjoy the chaos... See you soon!


10th Anniversary

Sat 14th, May 2016 12:05 PM - Posted by Anna

That's right, as of April 2016, Gurupets is 10 years old! It's been a wild ride. I was so young and inexperienced when I first started this site, but I've grown and it's grown with me. I know that Gurupets is far from perfect, and I haven't been working as hard on it as I have in the past, but no matter what other things I've been doing in my life, Gurupets has always been there. Thanks so much to all the people (and spambots) who made accounts so that I felt like I was building something worthwhile. Without you I would never have become the person I am today.
Anniversary Cake

In honour of this occasion, I have baked a cake which you can buy in the general store until January 2017. Thank you!

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My Username Change

Mon 28th, September 2015 1:57 PM - Posted by Anna

Hey all! This is a very small update, but still an important one. I, the user formerly known as Spook, have changed my username to Anna and I've changed my avatar to match. I'm making this announcement so that everyone knows exactly who the person is who's running this show. Hopefully this news post clears up all confusion. Spook is no more. Anna is the one to ask for help, etc.
On a separate note, thanks for your occasional visits and support. I love it! If you have any suggestions, I'm available through Gurumail, the contact form, the forums, and the news comments!


The Season of Giving

Fri 28th, August 2015 8:25 PM - Posted by Anna


Very exciting news, everyone! After many years of saying I'd make this feature available, it's finally happened. You can now send items from your inventory to another user on Gurupets! "Send to a friend" is now an option when you view an item from your inventory. Type in the username of the person you want to give it to, and hit send. They'll get a notification in the sidebar telling them that you sent it (so not anonymous). Please use this new feature respectfully, and don't send someone something if you know they don't want it.
Happy gifting!


Forgotten Passwords

Tue 25th, August 2015 9:25 AM - Posted by Anna

Skizzel Snowglobe

Hello all! I bring wonderful news. As you may have noticed, there is now a link under the login form that says "Forgot Your Password?". That's right! There is now a way for you to reset your password if you've forgotten it. All you need to do is input the email that is linked to your account. You'll then be sent a secure link that will allow you to reset your password! If you notice any glitches, please send me a message via the contact form linked to in the footer.


Got a Sweet Tooth?

Wed 24th, June 2015 1:55 PM - Posted by Anna

Hey everyone! I've got a few new items for you in the Iced Café. They're cookies shaped like our favorite pets! Thanks to Wawa for the art. Aren't they cute? Please remember to eat responsibly.


Blast From the Past

Fri 12th, June 2015 4:02 PM - Posted by Anna

There have certainly been a lot of great updates this week! Just to add on to that, I've brought back the Candy Cane! For those of you who weren't on Gurupets five years ago, Candy Canes used to be how you changed your pet's colour before Cupcakes came along. Now, maybe this ancient Candy Cane will change your pet's colour, or maybe it will do something else entirely! Only one way to find out.

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Unseasonal Attire

Thu 11th, June 2015 9:59 PM - Posted by Anna

I'd like to introduce a new feature to Gurupets, and that is PET CLOTHING! Thanks to Unknown for challenging me to make this happen.
If you can get your hands on the latest item, Scarf (it's in the general store), then you too can have pets that look as warm and cozy as my Jenna does! For now, you can't remove the scarf... But I will try to implement that ASAP!
I hope you enjoy this! I've worked really hard to make it happen. :)
UPDATE: Clothing can now be removed.


Online Users

Wed 10th, June 2015 1:23 PM - Posted by Anna

Again, I've been tweaking things here and there. The pet profiles are slightly different and so is your inventory. Minor changes. I've also decided to add a counter to the index page that says how many users are currently online. In case you want to know if you're the only one on - and you probably are - here is the proof! Haha. No, but I thought it might be nice to keep track of who's online. Enjoy!
Also, don't forget to contact me if you have any brilliant ideas for how I can improve Gurupets.


More Updates

Tue 26th, May 2015 12:12 PM - Posted by Anna

Hey everyone! This is just a little update to let you know that I am continually updating Gurupets.
I've made some updates to the design (e.g. form inputs and buttons) and behind-the-scenes functionality. Right now I want to focus on making everything work smoothly. Of course, I'm always open to adding new features so please let me know if you have any ideas.
I have added some new stuff. You can now use forum code to spruce up your forum posts and I've added new emoticons. Of course, I made a forum post about this a while back.
Also, if you haven't noticed yet there is a new "Notifications" section on the sidebar. This is where new gurumail and friend requests will be indicated. No more annoying banner! So I hope that is helpful to you.
Have fun exploring.


A Few Small Updates

Fri 8th, May 2015 8:17 PM - Posted by Anna

Salutations Gurutopians! I've been working on the small things this past week. Or perhaps it was the big things! If you head out to explore Gurutopia you might notice that the maps are all a lot bigger now. I've had a few people tell me they didn't like all that white space, so now bigger maps!
Adding on to last week's update, you can now put an individual item in your shop directly from your inventory. It will be added with a price of 0 if there aren't any of the same items in your shop already, or the price of the items of the same type that are already in your shop. The page for viewing your inventory items has also been snazzed up!
Another small thing, I've changed the way items display in the shops a bit. You probably won't notice, but I hope it improves the experience.
So, as you can see, lots of little changes making Gurupets an overall more pleasant place to be!


User Shops

Thu 30th, April 2015 7:41 PM - Posted by Anna

Hello all of you aspiring merchants! I've done a bit of revamping to the user shops. Head on over to your store and check out the new features. Of course, you'll have to create a store if you haven't already. New features include the ability to remove items from your store and, even more importantly, change the prices of items already in your store. Have a blast! Make tons of money.


Some Games Stuff

Sat 25th, April 2015 5:53 PM - Posted by Anna

Hey there! I'm back after a little bit of a hiatus. Just thought I'd let you know that I've updated the way the games work a bit, but this means that now only Tomato Bounce and Golden Poo Chase can be used to earn points. They're my favorite games, so I'm not too upset, but I'll try to work on that. Anyway, I've added monthly high score boards. Try to beat me! I've had lots of time to perfect my technique.
Golden Poo Chase now multiplies your score by 50! I think that's a bit more fair.
So I'll try to work on those non-functional games and maybe add some new ones in the future. So go out and get some high scores!

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New Secret Avatar and Quest Updates

Wed 15th, April 2015 4:20 PM - Posted by Anna

There's a new secret avatar. See if you can find it! Also I've updated the quest so that you have 10 attempts but the amount of GP you get is randomly generated from a range of 1,000 to 30,000 points. Good luck! It's a gamble.
Another new avatar!



Thu 9th, April 2015 10:29 PM - Posted by Anna

Hello one and all! I have wonderful news. I have just launched a new quest feature on Gurupets! You'll find it if you go wandering in the desert. You can do up to 5 quests a day! I am still working out some kinks but it should be functional. Please give me your feedback so I know how it can be improved. Art to come later, as I know it's a bit bland right now. I'm very excited for this and I hope you are too! Enjoy!

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News Comments

Fri 3rd, April 2015 12:56 PM - Posted by Anna

Hello! I've got a little bit of news for you today. You can now comment on news articles! Under the article there is a link that says how many comments have been made. Click that, read the comments, and say what you think about the latest updates!


So new!!!!

Mon 30th, March 2015 6:14 PM - Posted by Anna

OK everyone, lots of new features for you today. First, look at this lovely redraw of carrots! They are now back in stock in the foodstore. Enjoy!
You can now optionally get an email notification whenever someone sends you a gurumessage! If you're into that, go check out the preferences page. I've also added a way for you to change your email, in case the one you gave when you registered ... wasn't the one you want to use ;).
What else, what else? Users now have forum titles that depend on how many posts you've made in total, or whether you are special. When stocking items into your shop, you can now select how many of a certain item you want to stock!!
And I think that's all, folks. Lots of minor updates, but I won't bother you with them.

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New items!

Thu 26th, March 2015 1:26 PM - Posted by Anna

That's right! Gurupets finally has some new items, drawn by yours truly. They're in stock at the foodstore. I personally love to eat cookie dough, be it cooked or RAW! Buy some for your pets and see how they like it.
I've also changed some fonts around a bit. The headers are now much snazzier, and the Gurupets banner font is fresh and hip!
As always, if you've got suggestions, send them my way by gurumail or the contact form.


Mobile Layout

Fri 20th, March 2015 4:08 PM - Posted by Anna

Hey, it's Spook again! I've been working on a mobile layout for Gurupets this week and it's finally functional. Of course there are still a lot of things to be straightened out, and I really can't recommend browsing Gurupets on your mobile device. But if for some reason you just NEED to check your gurumail or something, it should now be a lot more convenient.


Lots of Changes!

Sun 15th, March 2015 5:05 PM - Posted by Anna

Over the past two months I've made some pretty big changes to the Gurupets layout. I'm trying to bring this sad little petsite into the modern era. Enjoy the new, much more easily-navigable layout. The forums have been updated as well, and your inventory and shops will now STACK ITEMS!! I'll continue to update the design of Gurupets and hopefully add some new features soon.
Thanks for stopping by!


Little Updates

Tue 10th, February 2015 3:34 PM - Posted by Anna

Hey everyone!
As you might be able to tell, I've changed the front page of Gurupets! Now you'll be able to see the latest news right from the welcome page. I have some ideas brewing for making Gurupets a little more interesting, so try to check back every now and then. Who knows what might be different?
Remember to post on the forums or shoutbox. Introduce yourself!


New News!

Tue 7th, October 2014 6:32 PM - Posted by Anna

Welcome, one and all!
I've made a new news system and I'm working on a new layout for Gurupets! The artwork for the milkshakes was updated, albeit a long time ago.

I continue to check up on Gurupets weekly and occasionally make some very important, and mostly invisible changes. Thanks for stopping by! I know that most of you don't stick around very long, but it would be great if you'd post something in the forums or shoutbox before you disappear forever!


Some wonderful new changes..

Wed 9th, April 2014 6:00 AM - Posted by Anna

You may have noticed that there are some beautiful new items in the magic shop. It's up to you to figure out what they do! The forums will now be ordered by the last time they were replied to, so you know which is the hottest topic! A few other things have been moved around. I will continue to make updates, so I apologize if you come across a broken feature.


Check out the old news here, going all the way back to April 2006!