1) Do not post any swear words on the boards, your profile or shop.*

2) Please do not spam. Spamming includes:
Going off topic (if this happens please make a new board)
Posting more than two boards in a row.
Posting in all CAPS if you know it will offend someone. It is annoying and can seem like you are yelling.
Posting only one or two words.
Posting jibberish and nonsence on the forums (Example: OMG kihdfoasihaohFZD im c00L)

3) PLEASE Do not stretch the boards with large fonts. Keep the size at a maximum of 5.

4) Do not post any links to websites that contain any illegal content or content not suitable for children.*

5) Starting fights, or being rude is not acceptable!
If you dont like somone or the comment the posted Ignore it!*

6) If there is a board with the same topic you were going to post just reply to THAT topic, and do not clutter the forums with the same thing.

7) Please dont make your board title longer than your actual post.

8) Chat speak should be kept to a minimum.
YES: lol, brb, g2g, lmao and so on..
NO: L1K3 0/|/|G 1/|/| 20 sW337!.

9) Don't post forum topics for only one specific person.
You can easily GuruMail someone of you want to talk to them.

10) You may NOT, in any situation, create an invisible forum topic. This is a freezable offense and you will only get one warning.*

11) Do not attempt to modify or "hack" the website in anyway.*

Please respect these rules and have a fun time!
* If it has a star, it is a freezable offense